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We are creating a community of travelers who passionately protect the environment by cleaning natural polluted places during their trip.


We enjoy traveling: alone or with friends, in couple or family, for a long trip or short vacation. And we specifically enjoy nature. If you are like us you are more than welcome.


We love natural places and we want to protect them. That’s the reason why we always have a garbage bag with us to clean those places from litter when we encounter it. A very simple action, isn’t it ?


It is the sum of small actions which can help the environment. We are millions of travelers. Globally, we can make a difference. How ? We just need to take a garbage bag with us in our next trip. Easy, no ? Let’s clean the planet together.

« We do not pretend to save the world, but we contribute in our way »

Why not joining us?

My Green Trip supports travelers who want to clean up trash during their travels, promotes their actions and connects them with nature-friendly tourism organisations.

You are a local nature friendly organisation and want to partner with us, click below.

Let’s clean the planet together! It starts with you now!

Grab a bag, collect some trash, take a picture & share with #mygreentrip. A simple action multiplied by million can change the world. And It starts below 🙂

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