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Book our partners

It is time to enjoy travel and protect the environment at the same time!

Soon, you will be able to book our partners and act concretely for the environment. For now you can discover them and get in touch directly.

Our local partners are fantastic people. They welcome travelers and invite them to discover amazing things. Not only they will surf, dive or dance with you, but also let you know about the local flavor of the place you will visit.

More than that, by partnering with My Green Trip, they include clean-up in their activities, distribute our cleaning kits or collect bag full of trash picked up by Green Travelers.

If you book from My Green Trip, you will even get a surprise … 

Aloha Surf Academy 

#Surf #Fuerteventura

See, s** and fun…

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Know more

Aloha Surf Academy organizes surf classes in Fuerteventura, Spain. After riding the waves they pick up trash on their way back home. Contact Sophie to know more about their activities.

Studio Soham 

#Yoga #Portugal #Geneva

Let’s become a Yogi!

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Know more

Studio Soham organizes Yoga classes in Geneva and retreats in Portugal where participants clean up beaches with My Green Trip materials. Contact Soraya to know more about their activities.


#Salsa #Cuba

Vamos a bailar!!

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Know more

Venga organizes salsa classes in Cuba every year. Between two dances they clean up beaches with My Green Trip. Contact Laurent to know more about their activities.


#Kidcamps #Switzerland

Relax while your kids discover a new place!

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Know more

The CPV organizes camps for kids from 5 to 18 years old, in Switzerland and Europe. During summer 2017, 1’500 kids cleaned-up their camps with the help of My Green Trip. Contact Géraldine to know more about their activities.

Natural Hvar Tours 

#Experiences #Croatia

Let’s go to Croatia!

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Know more

Natural Hvar Tours organizes great tours (wine, gastronomy or adrenaline) in the beautiful island of Hvar in Croatia. When they do an outdoor tour, they always have a My Green Trip bag with them… just in case. Contact Grgo to know more.

Heaven Rentals 

#Villa #Indonesia #Thailand #Srilanka

Enjoy luxury in beautiful locations

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For the growing number of savvy travelers, Heaven Rentals has curated a collection of 500+ villas in the beautiful Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. My Green Trip is promoted to each of their guest. Contact Stéphanie to know more.

Mauritius Conscious 

#tailormadetrip #localguides

 Enjoy sustainable travel experiences

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Know more

Mauritius Conscious organises tailor-made sustainable trips in Mauritius. Travellers booking with them help clean-up the natural jewels with My Green Trip kits. Contact Romina to know more.

Know another one? 


Who will be next?

Send us your addresses

Send us your addresses

As you have probably noticed, we are starting the movement. If you know a local tourism organization who protect its local environment, let us know and we will be happy to add them on our list.

Contact Nicolas