| Summer Clean Up Challenge
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Summer Clean Up Challenge

This summer, My Green Trip is organizing the


from 12th of July to 12th of September 2016

The concept :

What if each of us could make one simple action when he/she travels? An action that could be multiplied by millions of travelers?

This is the idea of our Summer Challenge :

Pick up litter in a place you will visit, take a funny picture and share it to inspire others.

Are you ready to clean up a piece of the planet during your summer?

What do you need to do?

1. Clean a place you visit 

Identify a natural spot where there is waste that you can pick up. Take trash bags and clean it up, alone, with family, friends or with your cat 🙂

2. Take a picture

Capture this moment by taking a funny picture of your challenge.

Let’s be creative (the cat is a good option)!

3. Share your picture

On Instagram or Facebook with the Hashtag #SummerCleanUpChallenge, tag us @mygreentrip and tell us where you were.

You can also send it to us at

Quick tips

Put garbage bags in your backpack to have them handy

Before cleaning a spot, check local facilities and where you can throw away your garbage bag.


Why doing it?

Because only together we can make our planet cleaner and to succeed we need to gather as many people as possible.

What do you win?

A special thank you from the planet! 🙂

And also, My Green Trip will organize a surprise for all participants at the end of the challenge

Share the challenge with your friends, spread the word around you and to it again when you want. 

Simple action multiplied by million can change the world!