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Who we are

Feel free to contact us

We are a non profit organization home based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Drop us an email and for sure we will get back to you.

10. Le bonheur du 4x4

Nicolas Gluzman

I am a passionate traveler. My kid’s dream was to speak all the languages of the world. I did not suceed 🙂 but have travelled in many different places in all continents. I specifically loved Colombia, India, Niger and Italy.

My professional background is HR consulting, Project Management and Business Development. I am enthusiastic about new ideas and their impact on society, social innovation and start-ups. I work at eqlosion which creates new activities with a focus on sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship.

My role in My Green Trip is to lead the project. Contact me !


Elisabeth Tricot

I am also a passionate traveler and a nature lover. I enjoyed so much Costa Rica, Australia and New Zealand that I could go back there tomorrow morning.

I have been working in communication, personal coaching and personnal branding. I love nature and do my best to protect it in my day to day life as well as professional life : I lead the organisation of the Festival Salamandre, which promotes nature in Switzerland every year.

My role in My Green Trip is to manage communications and build the community. Let’s get in touch !


Nicolas de Nisco

After my studies in corporate communications I started working as a project manager and community manager for a major telecom company in Switzerland. In 2014, after eight exciting years of corporate life, I made a radical change by quitting my job and starting a new chapter in my life as a professional, independent photographer.

Traveling and photography are both playing a major role in my life, helping me focusing on the present second, and keeping a childish sense of wonder alive.

In My Green Trip, I particularly look after our partners and help to implement the million of ideas we have.

Want to help us ?

You are also a passionate traveler and enjoy nature ? You want to help us in developing our project ? Get in touch: we are looking for volunteers, ideally based in Switzerland. If you have skills in technology design (UI, UX, Development), business development, marketing or community management, just click the below button then ! We have million of ideas to develop.