Ambassador – Daniel



  • Name: Daniel Jakob                      
  • Age: 30
  • Profession: Vlogger & Idea Ninja
  • Nationality: Swiss / Canadian
  • One word to define you: Energy
  • Favorite travel destination: Mountains
  • Travel weapon: Japanese Chopsticks

Why do you believe in sustainable tourism? 

It’s the only way forward! We need to consider the environment in all spheres of life, and tourism is a huge one!

Also, I am a strong supporter of “traveling with a purpose” which means that people could start going to destinations and give a bit of their time to a cause, which could give them even more energy / experience / good memories then just going to visit as a tourist.


What cause do you care about and a what actions do you take to lead positive change in the world?

I quit my corporate job late 2016 and started travelling around the world to make videos about environmental ideas and the great people behind them!

I believe we can design a world where the environment doesn’t need to be protected, through inspiring at least 1 billion people to positively change their habits! That’s the engine behind Changing Habits 🙂

– The sum of our efforts will make a difference!


What motivates you to become an MGT Ambassador?

I already made so many spontaneous cleanups around the world and have been posting content related to that on my channels, so it just makes sense to join forces to grow the community together!


Tell us something special from your last travels.

An Iranian student I met in northern Iran while traveling there wrote to me a few weeks after I had left the country. She told me that they didn’t have access to social media like facebook, twitter or youtube.

After hearing my story, she found a way through VPN to check the Changing Habits videos and wrote me “I always thought I was the only one to consider the environment as important, and after seeing your videos, I realized there were like minded people who care all over the over the world.  Therefore I will dedicate my efforts and energy to create my own sustainable project in Iran”

This is gold, this is why it makes sense to continue the journey!


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