Däni & Pierre – Ubud, Bali – A nice surprise

Fourth article from Däni & Pierre who are traveling in Asia to fight against plastic and trash !!

We are very happy to say that in Ubud; compared to the other places we’ve seen so far in Bali the waste management is exemplary (we can only speak for the city itself).
Every evening the shops, restaurants and the locals bring their trash out in the street, where it is picked up during the night.

Besides the waste management, we also found many places like restaurants or stores who are eco-friendly and aware of pollution problems. We would like to introduce you to two of them.


The Spell Creperie


2018-02 - Dani & Pierre - Post Ubud 03
It’s not an Indonesian restaurant but absolutely worth a visit. It’s a super cosy and special place with their own commitment to the environment.

You can find on every table a flyer where they explain their intentions and actions (have a look at the pictures). It is located in Goutama-street where you can also find many vegan restaurants.

2018-02 - Dani & Pierre - Post Ubud 02 2018-02 - Dani & Pierre - Post Ubud 01



Bali Buda


While exploring Ubud and its huge choice of stores and souvenir shops we found Bali Buda. A shop which sells local homemade products supports the organic agriculture movement in Bali and does its best to be sustainable.

Have a look at the pictures we took and for more information visit their webpage.



After the disappointment in Nusa Penida, (have a look at our story on Facebook) we were pleased to stay in Ubud, in a more eco-responsible area.

Back on the Island of Nusa Lembongan, the situation looks different again. We already spent some time cleaning up beaches and especially underwater while diving. It’s very sad to see that here, on the Island, are no other choices but throwing the trash out to the landfill, which adjacent to the mangroves.

The mangroves support a very specific ecosystem. It’s a flooded forest with trees who have their roots constantly submerged. Within those roots live multiple organisms, in the mud, on the roots or swimming in the waters, all dependant on the good health of the eco-system. Because the mangrove is located by the open ocean, it is also affected by the tides. When trash is abandoned in the mangroves, it will for sure find its way to the ocean.


While travelling make sure you always ask for refill water before you get served a plastic bottle. Refill water is filtered water stored in big reusable containers. Those containers are returnable therefore have a value and will not be wasted.

Reusable is better than single use!


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