Who we are

Feel free to contact us

We are a non profit organization home based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Drop us an email and for sure we will get back to you.


Nicolas Gluzman

I am a passionate traveler. My kid’s dream was to speak all the languages of the world. I did not suceed 🙂 but have travelled in many different places in all continents. I specifically loved Colombia, India, Niger and Italy.


Elisabeth Tricot

I am also a passionate traveler and a nature lover. I enjoyed so much Costa Rica, Australia and New Zealand that I could go back there tomorrow morning.


Nicolas De Nisco

I am an independent photographerTraveling and photography are both playing a major role in my life, helping me focusing on the present second, and keeping a childish sense of wonder alive. I love Italy (maybe because I love the food 🙂

We also count on the help of different volunteers in our association: Nathalie, Prisca, Saskia, Nadine, Ludivine, Pascal and Martijn.

Want to help us ?

You are also a passionate traveler and enjoy nature ? You want to help us in developing our project ? Get in touch: we are looking for volunteers, ideally based in Switzerland. The main thing we ask is to be able to give 2h per week to the project. Then we can discuss to see how you can help the most.