Nicolas de Nisco

My name is Nicolas De Nisco. I work as a freelance photographer for various companies, individuals and NGOs, and for my own pleasure around the world.

What inspires you to travel and explore the world?

Traveling helps me to open my mind to other ways of living and thinking. It is a great way of putting into perspective our daily life and to confront it to a wider reality. And then there is nature of course. My work as an independent photographer obviously encourages me to travel as well. Ultimately I guess that traveling brings me closer to knowing myself a little better.

What do you always take with you on your travels to limit your impact on the environment?

Something I believe everyone can and should pack for every trip: common sense. Not all countries in the world have the infrastructure to properly deal with waste, so simply being careful will already go a long way. Then I always pack a drinking bottle that I refill at every possible occasion. This allows me to drastically reduce my use of plastic bottles, especially in hot countries.

Nicolas DN

Which environmentally friendly projects have you encountered that have particularly inspired you? 

Talking about water the City Library in Ubud – Central Bali  has a drinking fountain where residents and tourists alike can refill their water containers for a price that is way cheaper than the typical industrial water. Save money and save waste. Often there is no need for a big project to make a tangible impact. It was when I came back home to Switzerland that I heard about My Green Trip. It immediately struck a chord.

Which place on the planet that you visited has struck you the most and why? 

Many places have struck me for various reasons but witnessing the resilience, kindness and quiet strength of the Cambodian people was an impressive and heart-warming experience. As for nature the Grand Canyon and Cape Horn are the places that left me the most humbled and ecstatic at the same time. Italy is as well on the top of my list for its cultural heritage, warm-hearted people and, of course, food!

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