My name is Nicolas Gluzman, 36 y.o. I have co-created My Green Trip to contribute to creating a cleaner world.

I am a passionate traveler. My dream as a child was to learn to speak all the languages of the world. I did not succeed  but I have traveled to many different places on all continents. I especially loved Colombia, India, Niger and Italy. Now I am developing My Green Trip and trying my best to contribute to making our planet a clean place.

What inspires you to travel and explore the world?

It is the possibility to have nothing planned on my agenda that I like the most. When I was traveling for 8 months through South America some years ago, the thing that I enjoyed the most was the freedom to go anywhere, do whatever I wanted, and to decide this mostly in the moment. No schedule! It felt so nice to wake up in the morning and just ask myself: do I stay in this city today? Do I leave to another place? Should I go hiking? Read? Visit a place? Here is a summary of my most favourite travel anecdotes:


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What do you always take with you on your travels to limit your impact on the environment?

The basics I carry around are a gourd, a portative metal knife, fork and spoon, metal straws and a refillable coffee mug. Now that I have a baby boy, it is a new challenge. We haven’t yet gone backpack traveling with him but i am sure we will soon need more gear to carry all of his stuff.


Which environmentally friendly projects have you encountered that have particularly inspired you? 

The list is quite long for me. I have met a lot of clean-up associations and you can even find our selection on a map we started here Some of my favourite projects are actually our partners : Mauritius ConsciousAloha Surf FuerteventuraNatural Hvar Tours … They all include protection of their environment in their day-to-day activities. I like win-win situations 🙂


Which place on the planet that you visited has struck you the most and why? 

The places which amazed me the most were Patagonia and the north of Argentina, Chile and South Bolivia. Patagonia was a (positive) shocking impression of the power and beauty of nature. In one single day, I remember having felt the 4 seasons. I also really enjoyed the Parque El Chaltén, beautiful and amazing. Also the north of Argentina, Chile and South Bolivia which is a kind of triangle where you find lunar sceneries, red lakes, grey mountains, salt deserts. Amazing spots.

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