My Green Trip on the Swiss TV

Smile, you’re on TV ! The story behind MGT and the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)

While the football world-cup was catching all the media attention in the months of June and July, it was to talk about another topic that we have been contacted by the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) over the same period. It was indeed to talk about something way more important than football: the future of our planet. This is how it happened…

What a nice surprise when our phone rang on a very hot summer afternoon in June. What a nicer surprise when Nicolas, co-founder of My Green Trip, picked up the phone and heard a journalist’s voice asking if we were available for an interview of My Green Trip to be included in RTS’ weekly documentary called “Mise au Point”. But the nicest surprise was definitely to see that there was national interest for the growing civil movement acting to protect our planet in Switzerland and that My Green Trip was part of it.

Indeed, after having worked hard on the concept of My Green Trip to make the individual actions of our Green Travelers part of a much wider community of people and organizations creating a real impact on the planet, we couldn’t be happier to be recognized as a true force behind this trend in Switzerland. We were also thrilled to have been given the opportunity to share our story with a potential audience of hundreds and thousands of people watching the Swiss TV on a Sunday evening. And we couldn’t be more excited to inspire these people to join our movement, order a kit and create more positive impact on the planet.

But working with journalists is actually quite tricky… You have to be available right now, right there; or you lose the opportunity. Putting together the documentary was not an easy task. We had little time to organize something and we didn’t want to set up a “fake scene” but rather reflect what our Local Partners and Ambassadors really do to clean the planet.

This was possible thanks to the support of our Ambassador Clémence in Switzerland and our partner Aloha Surf Academy in Fuerteventura. In just a few days, they provided us with the necessary video material to show how it looks like to be part of our community. Yes, we love our community and now we know we can always count on them!

We let you see the result in the video and hope you like it too 🙂 (in French only)

Thanks for your support and see you soon,

My Green Trip Team.