Meet our partners

Our partners share amazing experiences with travelers and protect the environment with them. 

Our local partners are fantastic people. They welcome travelers and invite them to discover the local touch of the places they visit. And more than just a great experience, they take action to fight litter together with travelers: they include clean-ups in their activities, they distribute cleaning kits and collect bags full of trash picked up, by travelers.

That is why we are proud to build partnerships with them. 


Hiker’s Friendly Hotels are Greek hotels certified for ideal services related to hiking activities. As they share, « living a true hiking experience starts with great hospitality ».


Aloha Surf Academy organizes surf classes in Fuerteventura, Spain. After riding the waves they pick up trash on their way back home.


Studio Soham organizes Yoga classes in Geneva and retreats in Portugal where participants clean up beaches with My Green Trip materials.


Future Camp is developing holiday homes in Zakynthos showcasing unique sustainable building technologies to motivate travelers to reduce their ecological footprint.


The CPV organizes camps for kids from 5 to 18 years old, in Switzerland and Europe. They particularly pay attention to never leave a trace after their visit.


Based in Molliet, Progress is for people who simply love the surf & outdoor lifestyle and vibe. They offer unique experiences of freedom as you have never experienced them before.


Natural Hvar agency offers an unforgettable and authentic island experience in a unique tours: whatever your taste are, sports enthusiast or a lover of good food and wine.


Totonal is a Tour Operator with an offer built on the little known natural and cultural wealth of Mexico. Its mission is to shed light on its hidden beauty and by breaking patterns of conventional tourism in Mexico. Totonal is a náhuatl word: To: our.  Tonal: destiny, soul, spirit, energy.


Venga is all about bringing people from different cultures together. Via events and travel, people can understand each other’s culture, thus reducing the fear of stranger. Venga organizes salsa classes in Cuba every year. Between two dances they clean up beaches with My Green Trip


Detour Nicaragua is a local tour operator offering touristic sustainable services with a community based approach. They promote the local development, encourage new rural initiatives and protect the natural & cultural heritage of the country. All of that to achieve a sustainable development for everyone.


Future Camp organises a unique holiday program in Barra Grande designed to educate travelers to share, economize, respect and become aware of their impact on the planet.


The Eco lodge in Mancora will welcome you in a unique setting where you can experience a healthy lifestyle and try Kitesurfing on one of the best spots Peru has to offer.


Cabilao Divers is THE place to go to dive in the beautiful seas of The Philippines. A small island lost in archipelago. The team of instructor always collect trash found in the sea.


For the growing number of savvy travelers, Heaven Rentals has curated a collection of 500+ villas in the beautiful Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.


Srilankakite provides you all you need to kite in a small paradise: Kalpitiya. Small fishing village, lagoons, islands … and wind!


The Malika Surf Camp is located in Dakar. Both surf camps offer accommodation, surf lessons, guides, boards and material renting. At the surfhouse Aziz and Marta will make your stay an unforgettable holiday!


Mauritius Conscious organises tailor-made sustainable trips in Mauritius. Travellers booking with them help clean-up the natural jewels with My Green Trip kits. Contact Romina to know more.

You know someone?

If you know a local tourism organization that protects its local environment, let us know, we will contact them to see if they want to partner together.