Non-profit org in the World Surfing Reserve of Huanchaco, Peru

Share the Wave not only cares about keeping old surfing traditions alive. They promote social inclusion and encourage nature protection in the process. Let’s meet their founders!

Who are you?

Share The Wave Association is a non-profit organization that was born from a Swiss-Peruvian collaboration: we (the co-founders, Mateo and Roxane) are from Peru and Switzerland, respectively. We live by, with, and for the ocean. We believe that we can all leave places better than how we first found them and that this applies to close to everything in life, including environmental contamination. As part of the solution to the international trash issue, we are very enthusiastic about sustainable and plastic-free living and the fact that there are tremendous simple and easy ways to directly and personally take action for a cleaner world. Oh and, last but not least, we love surfing and dogs!


Can you tell more about your activity ?

Our organization’s work principally takes place in the World Surfing Reserve of Huanchaco (Peru) and has 3 main points of focus, which are linked by and centered around surfing: cultural identity, social inclusion, and environmental awareness. The aims of Share The Wave are to:

  • Promote the continuity of the local culture of surfing, especially of the ancestral tradition of the « caballito de totora » (reed watercraft) from Huanchaco. These caballitos de totora have been used by local fishermen for more than 3000 years and are thought to be the ancestor of modern surfing. However, this tradition is not really taken up by the new generations. That is why we work to preserve this cultural heritage, by linking it to its modern equivalent: surfing.
  • Advocate for social equality by empowering the youth from disadvantaged social backgrounds. Our main tool is surfing, a means to push for social inclusion, to support the development of self-confidence and life-long skills, and to create a lasting connection with nature. After all, we protect what we love!
  • Encourage nature protection, sustainability and ecological conscience through education and initiatives to reduce water contamination. To do so, we regularly organize beach clean-ups in combination with our recycling program, we raise awareness through educative talks and workshops, and we also have recently launched our partnership project with local businesses to help them switch to greener practices and hence reduce their waste production.



What is the local reality about waste and environmental protection in your location?

There is a real problem of plastic contamination and poor (if any) waste management all over Peru. Huanchaco, where we work, is no exception: plastic contamination affects the coastal environment, including water quality, aesthetics, and marine life (including surfers). Unfortunately, littering is a common practice in most Peru and it is not uncommon to see people carelessly dump their plastic wraps, cups, and so on, as soon as they’re done with it. That is why education and leading by example are key, until changes are brought about from the top (the government).



How do you integrate tourism and sustainability at the same time?

We welcome and encourage all visitors, local or foreign tourists, to join us during our beach clean-ups. Additionally, we try to attract people’s attention to the connection their consumption habits (disposable cups and cutlery, plastic bags, straws, etc) has with trash on our beach and we share tips and easy consumption swap ideas to reduce that impact.


Why do you partner with My Green Trip?

We believe that each of us can do something for the environment, and that’s what My Green Trip is about: creating and being part of a community of people who take care of our home, planet Earth. For us, My Green Trip is a way to motivate and inspire each other to take action against our global trash problem while traveling and discovering new places.


How can we contact you?