Second article of Däni & Pierre, in Philippines

Second article from Däni & Pierre who are traveling in Asia to fight against plastic and trash !!

We arrived in the Philippines a while ago, staying on Mactan island close to Cebu city. We happily found a very nice place to stay Freedive HQ, a free diving centre located at the beach with very nice bungalows. The owner and also the guests we met are very aware of the pollution problem caused by plastic. So we all try to use as less plastic as possible (even if it is very difficult here due to the lack of alternatives). But happily, we could find some.


23561641_366198107161146_2610114483704338948_nInstead of plastic straws, we get our drinks served with reusable metal straws. Seems like something small but when you think about the number of plastic straws which can be avoided it has quite a big impact. There are also no plastic bottles to be found in the fridge. Instead of PET, we can buy cans or glass bottles which are much easier to recycle and don’t release toxic chemicals if thrown in the nature.

We try to clean up the beach as often as possible, even if it looks almost the same the next day. There is so much trash washed on to the beach so it keeps us busy every day. Anyway, we don’t give up and it is good to start the day by doing something positive. However, there is a big problem the way the collected waste is managed. We actually use recycling bins and segregate our trash. Unfortunately, We’ve witnessed, the trash being put back all together. But we think that’s a long way to go and needs a lot of education and money from the government until recycling gets properly done. That’s why we think the best way here to fight against this pollution is to not use plastic in the first place by finding alternatives.

Here are some examples of things we do:

  • Bamboo toothbrush (hard to find here, so if you can buy one at home you should bring it with you)
  • Soap cubes instead of liquid soap (Because of the plastic bottle)
  • Cloth bags instead of plastic bags
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Buy fruits at the market instead of the shopping centre where they are already wrapped in plastic

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Daniela & Pierre, live from Philippines 🙂



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