We are a community of travelers and tourism organisations who pick up trash left behind in nature. Together, for our planet.


Alone, with our friends or family we are travelers who love to discover new places, new people and landscapes. We do our best to limit our impact on the places we visit. Every action counts, like avoiding single use items, saying no to a plastic bag or picking up the trash we find in nature. 


We are not usual travelers, we are « Green Travelers ». Alone with one of our clean-up kit or in group with My Green Trip partners, we pick up the trash we find in nature and put it back in the closest bin. Gandhi said “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” So we pick up what we see on the ground, that’s it.


That’s the cherry on the cake. By picking up trash, you benefit from the special offers of our partners. Our partners include clean-ups in their activities with their clients. They know the local reality so you are sure the trash you pick up will finish in the local waste management system and not in the ocean.

Check out the video done by Airbnb (one of our partner) about our project.

Get your clean-up kit for your next trip.

Our kit is the perfect tool to start cleaning the planet! Put it in your backpack before your trip, and you will have everything with you to protect nature if you see litter on the ground. It is made from recycled materials and packed in a Foundation providing work to disabled people in Lausanne, Switzerland. Get yours now!

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« We do not pretend to save the world, but we contribute in our way. », Elisabeth & Nicolas, co-founders.

Some pictures of our travelers and local partners cleaning nature and having fun!

A simple action multiplied by millions can change the world.

Wanna help us clean the planet? Become a Green Traveler! Grab a bag or order your clean-up kit , collect trash found in nature during your next trip and post a picture with #mygreentrip to inspire other members of your community. A simple action multiplied by million can change the world. And It starts below 🙂

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