Who we are

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We are a non profit organization home based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Drop us an email and for sure we will get back to you.


Nicolas Gluzman

Co-founder & leader of the project, specifically in charge of global partnerships

I am a passionate traveler. My kid’s dream was to speak all the languages of the world. I did not suceed 🙂 but have travelled in many different places in all continents. I specifically loved Colombia, India, Niger and Italy.


Elisabeth Tricot

Co-founder, specifically in charge of the communication strategy

I am also a passionate traveler and a nature lover. I enjoyed so much Costa Rica, Australia and New Zealand that I could go back there tomorrow morning.

Who we are - Alizé

Alizé Aversano

Operations & business development, specifically in charge of the community

I have big ideas about how to make the world a better place (I deeply believe in unlocking the good in people). I’m also a big adventurer and love to travel the world and discover new cultures – from kitesurfing in Colombia or hiking Peruvian mountains to dancing samba in Brazil or eating amok fish in Cambodia.


Nicolas De Nisco

Website and Finance

I am an independent photographerTraveling and photography are both playing a major role in my life, helping me focusing on the present second, and keeping a childish sense of wonder alive. I love Italy (maybe because I love the food 🙂


Stéphane de la Rochefordière

Local Tourism Partners

My favourite country ? The next one i’ll explore of course and i prefer to talk about areas more than countries as beauty doesn’t stop at borders. I think it’s in our natural instinct to push doors or turn pages to see what’s behind.


Clémence Gallopin

Local Tourism Partners

I love discovering places and sharing with others. When travelling, I am like a kid: amazed by everything. No matter where I go, I see beauty and it inspires me to act and find a way to protect our planet.


And also …

Béatriz, Martijn, Yohann et Nadine

They are not yet on the page as they right now choosing their best picture to be displayed 🙂

Béatriz helps us to get new local partners, Martijn focuses on marketing and communication strategy, Yohann on events in Switzerland and Nadine gives a hand on communications spot needs.