Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are passionate travelers who love our planet. They are the voice of My Green Trip, at home or during their trip.

Our Ambassadors are more than Green Travelers. They are green entrepreneurs, globe trotters or creative story tellers who share our vision and help us grow our project. Here is how they do it:

They organize clean-up events…

… to protect their local environment and raise awareness.

→ They manage their own project while we help them with logistics and marketing.

They help us find new partners…

… to join our movement and create more impact around the world.

→ They meet amazing eco-minded organizations while we support them with promotional material and put them in contact with our existing partners.

They share their stories with us and others…

… to inspire their friends and family but also other travelers they can meet.

→ They create a video or write an article while we provide them with a dedicated space our website.

 Meet them, join them!

Download our brochure to learn more about our Ambassador Program.

And share with us some lines about your motivation: here

Unfortunately, right now, we are not opening any new Ambassador project at the moment. We are currently working on improving our program to create a better experience for you guys. However, share your motivations so we get your details and we will come back to you when we will reopen the program. Meanwhile, if you want to contribute to our mission, we invite you to order your kit, clean the planet and take a photo with #mygreentrip. Remember that a good action is just one hand away 🙂
  • Marie

    Marie cares deeply about animals and nature - with a very soft spot for oceans.

  • Laurie & Loïc

    Laurie & Loïc have been traveling for 9 months promoting sustainable tourism.

  • Bea & Fred

    Bea & Fred are fighting to preserve the place they love most in the world.


    This globetrotting family is ready to travel to Jupiter and beyond to raise awareness about the preservation of nature

  • Raj

    Raj is a hiking guide in the magnificent Nepal. He is fighting trash every day.

  • Joëlle

    Joëlle is probably our ambassador who went to the most unusual place in the world : The Artic.

  • Kevin

    Kevin is on a 5 years trip to help people in need.

  • Daniel

    Daniel is travelling the world and making videos about environmental ideas and the great people behind them!

  • Tiffany & Nicolas

    Tiffany and Nicolas preach minimalism, voluntary simplicity and a deeper connexion to nature.

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan is a teenage who want to show teenagers also care for the planet!

  • Enéa, Marc and Tim

    With their project Trashtalk, the team wants to raise awareness about waste in Switzerland.

  • Yann

    Yann is a teacher and is making a world tour during one year.

  • Daniela

    I am Daniela and I love everything which connects me to our planet.

  • Pierre

    When I’m not traveling, I live in Zurich, Switzerland. I’m a paraglider pilot and a SCUBA instructor.

  • Nadine

    I am a passionate traveler and gypsy of the world. Since my childhood I always dreamed about foreign countries and cultures.

  • Anaïs & Emmanuel

    Anaïs and Emmanuel are taking the opportunity of their 2019 world tour to spread the word about My Green Trip.