For tourism organisations

Our ambition

Clean the planet with the whole travel industry: local tourism organisations and global travel players.

We work with  global travel industry players to design and sponsor environmental marketing campaigns about littering and clean-ups.

By global players, we mean global tour operators, transportation companies, travel gear suppliers, tourism offices, holidays centers…

  • As a partner, you can have a positive impact by sponsoring My Green Trip activities (kits, events…), distributing our eco-made clean-up kits to your customers and staff or designing and sponsoring a clean-up customized campaign with our help.
  • On our side, we communicate about your sponsorship though all our channels, we promote your offers to our community and we manage the clean-up campaigns with an environmental impact measurement. We provide you both a CSR and a marketing added value.

We partner with nature friendly local touristic organisations to run local clean-up campaigns and events around the world

By local organisations, we mean local tour operators, outdoor sports activities, local tourism offices, guesthouses and hotels, national parks and reserves …

  • As a local partner, you have a positive impact by promoting My Green Trip locally, including clean-ups in your outdoor activities with your travelers, collecting trash collected by travelers and put it in the local waste system or organising local clean-up sessions when you feel it is needed.
  • On our side, we provide you with marketing tools to promote the project locally, promote your business on our medias (blog; website; social networks; etc.) and we give you access to communicate special offers via our mobile app’.

Our partners do good for our planet while getting promoted to our community.

Our community of travelers have meaningful trips while getting special offers from our eco-friendly partners.

Nature, oceans and animals are protected and preserved!