For tourism organisations

Our ambition

Clean the planet with the whole travel industry: local tourism organisations and global travel players.

Global travel industry players 

We work with you to create ad hoc partnerships and clean-up projects.

By global players, we mean global tour operators, transportation companies, travel gear suppliers, tourism offices, holidays centers…


At Airbnb, we welcome new tourism initiatives which strengthen communities, empower citizens or preserve and promote local culture. We are proud to support innovative concepts like My Green Trip by giving them more visibility and impact through our platform.

Tobias Heyer, Public Policy Manager at Airbnb, Global partner

Local tourism organisations

We partner with you to include local clean-ups in your outdoor activities with your travelers.

By local organisations, we mean local tour operators, outdoor sports activities, local tourism offices, guesthouses and hotels, parks and reserves …


We partner with My Green Trip because we think there is a great opportunity to impact both, our beautiful island and our conscious travelers, by inviting them to actively preserve the natural spaces they will fall in love with. My Green Trip facilitates us the tools and the support (community) for every traveller to put their grain of sand shamelessly and, tour after tour, day after day, achieve our goal of a cleaner Mauritius.

Romina Tello, Manager of Mauritius Conscious, Mauritius

Our partners do good for our planet while getting promoted to our community.

Our community of travelers have meaningful trips while getting special offers from our eco-friendly partners.

Nature, oceans and animals are protected and preserved!