Order the kit

Let’s be a green traveler and clean the planet all together.

Ordering your kit is the simplest way to start with My Green Trip. You put the kit in your backpack before your trip, and you will have everything with you to protect nature if you see litter on the ground. The kit is made from recycled materials and packed in a workshop with disabled people in Switzerland.


What’s inside and how to use it?

All items are made from recycled materials

  • 1 reusable and washable bag made out of recycled boat sail, it is the ideal companion to attach to your belt or your backpack
  • 2 garbage bags made out of recycled plastic for bigger trash
  • 1 pair of biodegradable gloves to avoid you getting dirty
  • 1 brochure, to share more about what we do and about how everyone can do his/her part when traveling
  • 4 mini flyers to spread the word and help us find new local partners
  • 1 postcard to send to or someone you love

Everything fits in a backpack and is very light.

 The kit costs CHF 12,80 + shipping costs

(equivalent more or less to 11,5€ or 13 US$ )

This special offer starts on 03.12.18 until 18.12.18. For orders received by 14.12.18, delivery before XMAS is guaranteed for Europe; for Switzerland, the orders placement deadline is 18.12.18.

Shipping outside Europe is also possible; however, the time of the delivery varies depending on the destination country. The discount applies only on the clean-up kits price; the standard shipping costs will be processed as usual.

50% of the price will go back to the suppliers and to the Fondation Eben Hézer who pack and send you the kit, providing work to people with mental or physical disabilities. The remaining 50% will go to My Green Trip to help us grow and develop our non profit organisation. It reflects your travelers’ support to our project and willingness to contribute to positive change in the world by cleaning the planet. We ship our orders once a week. Thanks 🙂