Ambassadors – Moving Earth and Jupiter



  • Name: Moving Earth and Jupiter                     
  • Age: 34, 34, 6, 3
  • Profession: Globetrotters
  • Nationality: Swiss, Bolivian, French
  • One word to define you: Curious
  • Favorite travel destination: The Earth and beyond
  • Travel weapon: Our house (camping car)!

Why do you believe in sustainable tourism? 

People live in this world thinking about today, their needs and their travels without thinking about “tomorrow”. If we want to enjoy countries and beautiful landscapes, we need to preserve them so others can enjoy them in the future as much as we do today.


What cause do you care about and a what actions do you take to lead positive change in the world?

There are many causes we care about, but we think that one of the most important is the environmental cause because with a crippled planet there will be no future for our children or for us. The hardest task is to make people understand that environmental issues won’t only make beautiful polar bears go extinct, but that we are on that same path and will suffer the same fate if we don’t change our way of living and consuming. We need to start by changing our own way or living and consuming and educating our children. This is why we are going to travel the world with our camping car as a family and realize clean-up actions with our children and raise awareness in each place we visit.


What motivates you to become an MGT Ambassador?

To be able to travel and at the same time reduce our environmental footprint by cleaning beautiful and natural landscapes, while transmitting to local communities or to other tourists information about the negative impact of littering and the importance of collecting garbage out of the environment.


Tell us something special from your last travels.

Every time we are out there travelling, we feel the freedom and the positive energy of the places we visit and the people we meet. This gives us a travel-rush and the urge to be out and keep exploring and discovering new places, new cultures and new people.


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