Stay in small friendly local hotels

Aprohot is an association of small and medium local hotels who really put an effort into developing a business model that is respectful of the local people as well as the environment.

Who are you? 

We are an association of small and medium hotels, with the purpose of improving the management of our businesses and collaborate with social and environmental actions in our city (Guarujá/SP).

We believe in the importance of the cooperating between the public and the privates for a better world.



Can you tell more about your activity ?

We intend to optimize ours business through collectives purchases, training and improving ours employers abilities, search for new technology to input on ours administrative and commercial department, join meetings linked to ours sectors, permanent search for partnership to aggregate experiences that consolidate our tourism destiny for Brazil and for the world.
We are are truly involved in local projects, above everything the awareness and the preservation of ours beaches and our green spaces. In this context we evolved many entities and associations of different sectors inside Guarujá city and São Paulo as a State, optimizing what people and your organizations have of better to offer to the ecosystem.



What is the local reality about waste and environmental protection in your location?


Guarujá is a city which has a notorious awareness about environment. The municipal secretary of environment has an important role at preserving and raising awareness about the seaport, beaches, green area. Acting strongly at creating relevant laws, warning and inspecting about irregular conducts. Work
at supporting private initiative that heads for the same purpose. There are in our city many projects worried about the beach, preservation of maritime animals, recover of historic patrimony, selective collect of trash and oil disposal, craft workshop done by recycle bottles (Reclaimed material), as projects such as improving lives in slums.



How do you integrate tourism and sustainability at the same time?

Ours first pillar is to aware ours guest/tourist and an cooperate job with the owners of the kiosks in
beach line, which are being warned about the importance of keeping the sand line (BEACH) where
they act in great conditions of clean and preservation.



Why do you partner with My Green Trip?

Ours association heads to make up cooperation with people in Brazil and in the whole world. Involving the trip tourist in the process of Environmental preservation seems amazing for us.


Any last word?

We appreciate the opportunity and hope to exchange experiences and get your team known.



How can we contact you?