Experience Nicaragua like never before

Detour – Viajes y Cultura – have a motto: passion, sustainability and know-how. Their focus on sustainable and local tourism makes for an unforgettable experience in Central America.

Who are you?

My name is Laurent, I am born in Lyon (France). I am a Nature lover, biologist, agronomist, and traveler,  who, after studies and 3 years working in Africa, came to Nicaragua 27 years ago, with development purposes, to help the rebuilding of the country after the 80`s decade.

By the year 2002, I decided to use the incipient Tourism activity as a social and economic engine for local development. We offered first, for French small groups, brief but authentic immersion in local rural families, surrounded by pure nature, culture, etc. After 17 years, I still feel that I am a pioneer in my branch of tourism. As my company still very small is well recognized and awarded by our national tourism chamber, is a creative laboratory for new experiences in tourism in both Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Leading innovation is our way to show and be an example and we never denied an opportunity to share locally our knowledge. Of course, those feelings make me a happy guide (when I can, I am still going on the terrain to guide some visitor groups) and a happy boss too!!



DetourCan you tell more about your activity ?

Detour – Viajes y Cultura – is based in Granada, Nicaragua. We are a Tour Operator & a local receptive tourism agency specialized in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We mainly deal with the organization of circuits, about 2 to 3 weeks, hiking, cultural discoveries and multi-activities (cycling, kayaking, horseback riding) through nature reserves or rural landscapes usually with a significant time dedicated to local contact.

We aim to make our clients live unforgettable experiences and adventures and offer tourist products tailored to their needs and desires. Passion, sustainability and know-how are our mottos. We focus on the creation of sustainable and social tourism products, the authenticity of meetings people and the protection of our environment. Our Team is really passionate about Nicaragua, its culture, its landscapes, its history… and is eager to make it discover to the world !



What is the local reality about waste and environmental protection in your location?

Here in Nicaragua the level of consciousness about waste and environmental protection is really low even nonexistent, educational programs usually don’t mention any of sustainable development topics. There is no mass tourism here yet so the problem doesn´t really come from that, but we must admit that the locals do really need to be more aware on the topic. The frequent use of plastic bags, straws.. (for juices, water, shopping,…) result in that most of the time it end up on the streets, rivers, or sea.

The company that is in charge to collect trash, is doing a little sorting, as they resell cans and glass, but very few yet is done regarding the plastic issue and the educational and awareness part.



DetourHow do you integrate tourism and sustainability at the same time?

Since 2001, when we created Detour, we felt the need to have a positive and growing impact on local development in rural Nicaragua. For this reason, our trips are designed so that the “tourist” becomes a “participant”, that he can get involved in the community and interact by learning, with artisans, fishermen, farmers, cowboys, etc.

Ever since, we have been trying to share our values and our passion with our customers, as well as with our partners (freelance guides, drivers …). For this, we carry out workshops, trainings and seminars .. to develop the quality of local tourism as a whole.

It is important for us to work in a healthy work environment with a common vision. Our philosophy is self-evident: we seek to always give the best of ourselves and to constantly improve the services we offer, all of this taking into account our impact on the development of local life, always with a sustainable approach. Last year we started a project of Community Based Tourism here in Nicaragua, we are currently focusing on this project and consistently giving training to the participants.

Why do you partner with My Green Trip?

We think that a partnership with My Green Trip can help us to take further actions in our fight against trash pollution, the tool they offer to us will give us more credibility and will allow us to educate more our tourists and local partners. Also it will allow My Green Trip to add a new destination on their list of countries that need their help, so let´s clean the planet together!


Any last word? 

Between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, volcanoes and lakes, colonial cities and mountain villages: discover the magic of Nicaragua, a country rocked by a sulphurous past with considerable potential: a total escape !  Detour would be more than happy to welcome you there ! Join us!


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