We run for the 20 km of Lausanne!

Do you run  ? So maybe we did run together on the 20 km of Lausanne on the 23th of April.

The idea came from Nathalie from the team, who is looking after communications at My Green Trip. What was the challenge ? Gathering runners who will get sponsored to run for My Green Trip. And it worked !! 

We were 20 runners to run for My Green Trip, who convinced 60 people to sponsor us. In the end, we collected 2500 CHF which was beyond our expectations. Thanks to their help, we collected sufficient funds to  develop the cleaning kits for our summer project. In partnership with the CPV, we will do a big awareness action with the participation of 1300 kids who will do a challenge of litter cleaning during their vacation summer camps. Soon a blog post about the CPV project 

So a big thank you to : 

Manon, Sebastian, Michael, Lucas, Gregory, Ludivine, Loyd, Angus, Marc, Nathalie, the eqlosion team with Christelle and Elsa, the Nespresso / Nestlé team with Valérie, Iris, Dominik, James and Margaux and the Quantis team with Denis, Lindsay, Anne-Laure, Xun … and of course, Nathalie who made it possible. 

Let’s clean the planet together!

Elisabeth & Nicolas


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